Do you struggle when applying your makeup?

Imagine this scenario...

You’re standing in front of the mirror just before a night out with friends. You’ve chosen your favourite party dress and dedicated the past hour to getting your hair picture perfect. You’re almost ready – it’s just your makeup that needs applying. Do you:

a) feel excited to apply your makeup as you’re confident with technique and colour selection.
b) brace yourself for a mess, as makeup isn’t your thing.
c) struggle because you want a makeup revamp, but aren’t sure how to update your look — or flatter your ageing skin.

If applying makeup makes you frustrated, messes with your self-esteem or leaves you wondering why you never get it right, I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. And that there's a simple solution.

Perhaps you weren’t taught makeup skills as a teenager, you’re curious how to hide your dark circles, or you’re not sure how to flatter your ageing skin, learning from an experienced makeup instructor will show you that makeup is easy, when you know how.

That’s why in this online Makeup Masterclass I use my 27 years experience as a Celebrity Makeup Artist to share my secrets, teaching you how to save time and have confidence when applying a gorgeous & flawless natural makeup.

  • Raise Your Confidence

    No more makeup meltdowns or hissy fits in front of the mirror

  • Look & Feel Fabulous

    Step-by-step how to apply a gorgeous & flawless natural makeup

  • Save Time

    Celebrity secrets that will quickly get your makeup looking 10x better

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Makeup Masterclass

Discover that makeup is easy, when you know how

Award-Winning Instructor

Maree Stuartt, Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • Maree Stuartt's IMDb profile
  • Emmy Nominated for Best Makeup Team

What will I learn?

In this confidence-boosting online Makeup Masterclass you'll discover:

  • Simple tricks to instantly boost your confidence with makeup

  • Easy step-by-step guide to applying a flawless, natural makeup

  • How to hide your dark circles, age spots & pimples

  • Celebrity tips for quickly fixing makeup mistakes

  • Time-saving makeup tips & tricks + MUCH MORE!

Are you ready to boost your confidence with makeup?

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Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Makeup Confidence Starts Here
    • 1 - Welcome to Makeup Masterclass
  • 2
    Makeup Basics
    • 2 - Prep & Prime
    • 3 - Flawless Foundation
    • Confidence with Makeup Basics
    • Confidence with Brushes
  • 3
    Confidence with Eye Makeup
    • 4 - Eye Shadow Made Easy
    • Confidence with Eye Shadow
    • Eye Shadow Quiz
    • 5 - Eyeliner & Mascara Hacks
    • Confidence with Eyeliner
    • 6 - Perfect Eyebrows
    • Eyebrow Quiz
  • 4
    Contouring Made Easy
    • 7 - Contour With Blush
    • Confidence with Contouring
    • Contouring Quiz
  • 5
    Finishing Touches
    • 8 - Luscious Lips
    • Lips Quiz
    • Boosting Your Confidence
    • 9 - Congratulations

Your Bonuses

  • Certificate of Completion

    Because you deserve it

  • Inner Confidence


  • Compliments

    Build your self-esteem


“My life is very busy. And thanks to Maree and her makeup course, I’m able to have professional-looking makeup in minutes. I've had so many more comments on my makeup since doing the course. Thank you Maree, your explanations where detalled, simple and practical.”


“The tips are so helpful and I learned so much from this course. I love how easy and simple Maree makes the makeup process. It's wonderful to update on the new trends without looking too over the top. Maree is the best!”


“Very nicely explained”


Meet Your Instructor

  • Maree Stuartt

    Maree Stuartt

    Celebrity Makeup Artist

    Hi, I’m Maree Stuartt, an award-winning Celebrity Makeup Artist who’s travelled the world as part of the film & beauty industries for 27 years. My portfolio of A-List clients is extensive and has included Catherine Zeta Jones, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Isla Fisher and Vin Diesel. My most notable film achievements include an Australian Film Industry (AFI) Award and Emmy nomination for Best Makeup as part of the teams on ‘The Quiet American’ and ‘The Starter Wife’. I’ve also invested time in teaching Makeup Masterclasses around Australia to women who are eager to boost their makeup skills. My onset work and 1-on-1 with personal clients showed me that confidence with makeup is a common issue for women. Many say they struggle with makeup, it's too hard, they are embarrassed as they don't know how to cover their flaws, or would do anything to get rid of their dark circles. Sadly, I’ve seen this deplete self-esteem and confidence way too often. I know that makeup is easy when you know how, and this is why I’m passionate about helping women boost their confidence with makeup. I truly believe that confidence out shines beauty, and love helping women take the overwhelming confusion out of makeup & feeling good.


  • What course materials will I receive?

    In this self-paced, online Makeup Masterclass you will receive 9 detailed Course Videos, 5 Handouts with extra tips & tricks + recommended products, Quizzes to test your learning and a Certificate of Completion. You will also be able to email Maree if you need extra course support.

  • What do I need before I start this Makeup Masterclass?

    Nothing! When you're ready to practice though, you will need access to basic makeup products. Using a mirror in a well lit area will also help you perfect your look.

  • Who will benefit most from this Makeup Masterclass?

    This course is filled with an abundance of makeup tips & tricks, which makes it suitable for a wide group. However, those who will benefit most are: a) Women wanting to boost their confidence with makeup b) Anyone wanting to create a flawless, natural makeup look c) Anyone wishing to hide their flaws and imperfections d) Women struggling with makeup & their ageing skin.

  • Will this Makeup Masterclass teach me how to choose a foundation colour that suits my skin?

    Yes, this course will show you how to easily choose a foundation colour that suits your unique skin tone.

  • Does this Makeup Masterclass teach dramatic or heavy makeup looks?

    No, this course does not cover heavy or dramatic makeup application. Please keep an eye out in the future for courses with this content.

  • Will this Makeup Masterclass teach me how to become a Celebrity Makeup Artist?

    No, this course will not cover the varied and detailed makeup knowledge needed to become a Celebrity Makeup Artist.

  • Which movies has Maree worked on?

    Maree has worked in the Makeup Department of many big budget, blockbuster productions. Some of these include Mao's Last Dancer, The Quiet American, The Starter Wife, Pitch Black, Paperback Hero and The Phantom. She's also had the pleasure of working with many A-List celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Isla Fisher, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman, Vin Diesel and Heath Ledger.

  • I heard Maree's husband is a Hollywood stunt man. Is this true?

    Yes, this is true. Some of the productions he's worked on include Mad Max: Fury Road, Peter Rabbit, The Great Gatsby, Australia, Superman and Nim's Island.

  • This Makeup Masterclass sounds awesome, but I still have questions. How do I contact Maree?

    You are welcome to email - [email protected] - anytime with questions or if you need extra support with the course.

  • $79.00

    $79.00Makeup Masterclass

    ★ STAR PACKAGE helps you shine like a star! With Maree's 27+ yrs experience as a Celebrity Makeup Artist, you are guided through this confidence-building Makeup Masterclass and have full access to:
    • 9 Makeup Course Videos
    • 5 Handouts of extra tips & tricks
    • Recommended products
    • Quizzes to test your learning
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Ongoing access to videos
    • VIP Interactive & Fun Facebook Group

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  • $277.00

    $277.00Makeup Masterclass

    ❖ DIAMOND PACKAGE helps you radiate light and get in touch with your inner celebrity. You'll receive full access to:
    • 9 Makeup Course Videos
    • 5 Handouts of extra tips & tricks
    • Recommended products
    • Quizzes to test your learning
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Ongoing access to videos
    • VIP Interactive & Fun Facebook Group
    • Exclusive 1 hour online Makeup Consultation with Maree Stuartt, Celebrity Makeup Artist.

    This is where you'll enjoy private makeup tuition that is guaranteed to make you look & feel fabulous.


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